Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Gloating and plotting--2013

While I don't hold much truck with New Year's resolutions in general, I'm always happy to talk about future projects. (After all, it's way easier to talk about things I'd like to paint than to actually paint all of them.) So in that spirit, I have a list of painting goals for the new year. (Goals might be too strong a word here--"intentions" might be a better choice, though of course the road to a mountain of unpainted miniatures is paved with such...)

But first, the gloating! In this case, just a quick tally of what I got done in 2012:

  • In 20mm:
    • 15 cavalry (an eclectic lot)
    • 165 infantry (mostly orcs & Bronze Age)
    • 7 chariots (mostly two-horse Mitanni & Assyrian types)
    • 6 other figures (baggage train, odd fantasy creatures, etc.)
  • In 40mm:
    • 20 cavalry (11 hussars & 9 cuirassiers)
    • 1 infantryman (new standard-bearer)
This probably glosses over a few other random bits and pieces of things done here and there, such as touch-up on a couple of NQSYW flags and artillerymen. Onto the plotting! These are things currently on the radar, which I'd like to get done in 2013:
  • In 20mm:
    • Hordes of the Things/DBA Byzantine army. I painted up a sample stand of lancers back in June, and nothing since then. In the meantime Orion has released two sets of Byzantine infantry, which I suppose goes to show the benefits of procrastination patience when it comes to building obscure armies in plastic. And since I preemptively spent some of my Christmas money on some of these infantry (as well as some Hat El Cid figures intended for light cavalry) this one is on the front burner at the moment.
    • Further expansion of the Bronze Age project. I'd like to add to my current small contingent of Habiru, and I have some more "Phoenician" archers, Robin Hood conversions, and chariots in the queue as well. And since I'm currently planning to run a Bronze Age game at Cold Wars in March, hopefully I'll be able to make time for some of that before then.
    • "With Fire And Sword"/17th century Poland and friends. I painted up several stands at the beginning of last year before getting distracted, and it's something I'd like to get back to at some point.
  • In 40mm:
    • Second squadron of Wachovian cuirassiers, plus flag and commander. This will probably wait until after Cold Wars unless we get a warm spell sometime in the next couple of months.
    • Begin the Wachovian 2nd Infantry regiment. I have a company of grenadiers earmarked for these guys which has been sitting around for quite a while at this point, but if we get some casting done this summer, some regulars might not be out of the question either.)
And if there's one thing I'm certain of, it's that at some point I'll end up painting something not on this list. In fact, just the other day, I was considering how I might put together an Amazon army for 20mm Hordes of the Things...

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