Monday, November 11, 2013

Armies for the Archbishop

With another campaign in the Not Quite Seven Years' War on the horizon, Dad and I have been working on filling out a few more units--the other weekend we based up almost two full cavalry regiments (as seen here) and found that they would need a few more command figures. I ended up taking home the officers needed for the Archbishopric of Schlüsselbrett's cavalry regiment, and now they are complete:

I ended up painting these mostly in my own style, rather than trying to match the one existing officer, though I did try to keep to the original color scheme. I'm sure that when deployed en masse, they'll fit right in. The colonel on the black horse had some mold defects on his face, hence his somewhat squashed nose and extra-bushy mustache.

I haven't quite decided what I'll be painting next after this, but whatever it is, it'll probably end up some shade of blue: between these and my previous fantasy figure, I'm feeling a bit of red/yellow fatigue. Then again, once the campaign starts up, I may need to paint some more Wachovians...


  1. A nice neat style of paint - very good indeed !.

  2. Looking good! I liek the mustache! Nice recovery on the casting flaw.