Friday, September 30, 2011

Good wizard, bad wizard

This was today's little painting project. Both of these guys are Caesar fantasy figures. The good Magician is from the Adventurers box; the evil Magician is a spare from my brother's Undead which he swapped me for some heroic-looking fellow.

I played around a lot with washing and drybrushing this guy, trying to make it look like his staff was glowing. Not sure that I succeeded, but I'm still satisfied with the end result.

And here's his evil counterpart, on a freshly sanded base.

And here they face off.

Trilobite Spears ready to go. Next up, Ammonite Blades!


  1. Very Gandalphy but they both look good.

  2. The caeser figs are great,,a very usefull couple of sets..and you´ve done a fine paint job on them

  3. Thanks! Coming from you, that's high praise!