Saturday, October 12, 2013

Barbarians of Myboria

OK, yes, I'm still alive--August and September were busy months for me, and I didn't end up doing much bloggable stuff. However, painting has proceeded slowly--I've been adding to the nomadic hordes of Myboria, who are currently a little too dependent on their yakatheriums, and need some more actual cavalry. So in the last few months, I've added a couple units of light cavalry and a second unit of heavy cavalry to their ranks. These guys are a mix of Italeri and Zvezda figures, for the most part:

At some point, I took a break from the horse nomads to paint a different sort of barbarian--the strong-thewed heroic type. This guy from the Caesar Adventurers had been sitting on my painting desk in an unfinished state for many an age until some inspiration finally struck--what he really needed was a scantily-clad knee-hugger! Fortunately, the reclining woman from the old Atlantic Greek Life set seemed to fit the bill. (An Antediluvian priestess, perhaps?) These two were fun to paint--especially trying to suggest translucence on the woman's garment. (I did a bit of playing around with "Conam's" skin tone as well--at one point in the process he was an appalling fake-tan orange color...)

Anyway, hopefully it will be less than two months until the next update...


  1. Nice work especially on the "barbarian" and err lady? ah no, Maiden? umh most unlikely.. female character? Interesting choice to do a pattern on the sheer dress. it came out well!

  2. Really nice work. With that level of detail two months doesn't seem that long.