Friday, January 20, 2012

Soldiers of the Rzeczpospolita

Things have been moving along pretty smoothly on my latest project. I finished off my German-style infantry earlier this week, and a second stand of winged hussars today:

Front view

Rear view

The fellow in the center is distracted by something off to his left.

See! Two stands!

Next up are more infantry, with more of a native Polish look to them. They're actually some of Zvezda's Streltsi, but with the hats and beards trimmed down a little. In retrospect, it might have been easier to get at the beards before I glued the separate arms on. Oh well. 

A sneak preview.

Dad and William are out of the house this week; William has the US Figure Skating Championship in San Jose, where he's competing in ice dance at the novice level. (I think. Skating has like half a dozen levels and I sometimes have trouble keeping them all straight.) Anyway, hopefully he will have as much success there as he has had at Hordes lately! And I'll have plenty of time to paint with no distractions. Handy, since my boxes of Cossacks and long-awaited Mongol heavy cavalry finally arrived today...


  1. Wow! The Polish musketeer looks great! They all look really good, they will put the early mercenary conscripts to shame!

    Maybe there is something to that old Practice maxim.