Sunday, January 15, 2012

Swords of the Dark Empire: Revenge of the Lich King

Well, it was a bad day to be good as William's forces triumphed over both my nomadic horde and a ragtag band of misfits in two separate games.

Game one, just before the armies meet meet. Note the impassable marsh right behind my main line of battle.

The first game got off to a promising start as one of my behemoths overran his Blades and my general cut his way through two stands of Hordes in quick succession, creating a nice gap in the center of his line. At the same time, my right-hand yak was thrown back by his Hero general. This seemed like an excellent opportunity to surround his general and end the game in one fell swoop, so I moved my yakatherium back up into contact and brought my own general around to cut off his retreat. Unfortunately, at even odds he repelled my yak once again, leaving our generals to face each other--and he managed to bring up another unit to block my retreat. So I lost my general, but since I was still ahead on points, the battle continued--and of course I rolled a 1 for pips the next turn, so my units stood idly by while his Hero general chased my yak into the impassable swamp. So much for game one.

The field at the start of game two.

Game two began with a rather extended scuffle between our shooters in the woods, with some surprising upsets on both sides. My knights and my flyers were happily kicking apart his infantry when the news came that the stronghold had fallen! Oh no! Turns out that darn Hero General of his (who had started out on his extreme left, hence my little cluster of units on the right flank in the above picture) had  slipped past my archers in the woods and captured the castle. Oh well.

Tomorrow I should have the rest of my stand of German mercenary musketeers painted up. Then it'll be more winged hussars, and then another stand of shooters, this time converted from some of the Zvezda Strelets infantry, and by the time those are done hopefully my shipment of Cossacks will have arrived...

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