Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Reviewing the troops

I have gotten at least a couple more units painted recently--first, after weeks (months?) of procrastination, I finally finished up the third Assyrian chariot.

Second, I did some more "paint conversions," turning Robin Hood archers into generic biblical archers.  Between the simple poses and the subdued paint scheme, these were some of the least-exciting figures I've painted. I've got another six in my queue somewhere, and they should be a snap, if I can just find time and motivation to sit down and work on them.

 I have hopes of putting a game on this weekend, which will nominally be a playtest for Historicon. To that end, I've been working on getting the back room into usable condition; last night Dad and I got the tables set up again and an appropriately brown groundcloth put down. With the table temporarily clear, I took advantage of the opportunity to get a few shots of all the troops together. These ones are all mine, though of course Dad's Egyptians will also be taking part in this weekend's games.

Here we have the chariot corps: one squadron of Assyrians on the left, and three each of Mitanni and Hittites.

Here we have the infantry, lined up by contingent.

And here's everyone together.

Now, back to cleaning/thinking about rules and scenario design...


  1. Wonderful, I'm so jealous :)

  2. The troops look good. And I can see how well your father's advice has sunk in about never registering a game that isn't ready.

    1. I may actually have to cancel it--though for an unrelated reason: I'm about to accept a job offer starting the 16th, with my games being scheduled for Friday of that week. Oops. :P Well, not something I could have predicted when I signed up for them--I hadn't even had the interview yet.

  3. Very nice work. That array of chariots looks fantastic!