Saturday, February 27, 2016

Rally round the flag(s)

February was not the busiest month for painting, though there was plenty going on on other fronts. (At some point February became the month when all my friends have birthdays? When did that happen?) Anyway, what time I've had has been spent adding some officers and flags to the armies of Occiterre and Elabrün.

The designs were something I came up with quite early on, and part of my intention then was that they'd be relatively easy to paint. Turns out freehanding a relatively even tricolor was a little more difficult than I thought, but here they are at last (in varying stages of completeness):

A little bit of a closer look at the Elabrüners:

And the same for the Occiterrans (the fleur-de-lys are gilded, but it's a little hard to tell):

Both sides' standard-bearers are conversions; the Waterloo 1815 Austrians have a flag with an awkward molded-on design, where as the Emhar French lack one of their own. I made my own with some paper and brass wire.

Not sure what I'll end up working on next--some Elabrüner artillery is theoretically next in the queue, but the cannon wheels have some warping that I haven't decided how to deal with. There's a strong possibility I'll procrastinate by doing something else instead...