Friday, November 12, 2021

Nordalen and Seridia Join the Fray

This past month I've been working on a few different things in the miniatures vein, working off some pent-up energy after painting Mycenaeans for so long. One part of this was a return to Proxia, my 19th-century Imagi-nations setting, last seen about a year ago. Part of my plan from the beginning was to have two main combatants (Occiterre and ElabrĂ¼n) and then two smaller contingents that could be allies to one or the other as needed (Nordalen and Seridia). I finally got around to painting up some troops and flags for the latter, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to introduce them. 

My concept for Seridia is that is broadly analogous to Italy, possibly with a bit of South American flair. (Some years back I was considering trying to model the War of the Triple Alliance; there's still a bit of that DNA in this Proxian project.) The Seridian flag is red, with a white canton containing a green star. Their troops may end up a little more irregular, and might feature in scenarios where I want to designate some troops of differing quality or temperament (militia, volunteers, revolutionaries, etc.) These particular figures are Italeri Confederate Infantry, though they may be supplemented by others at some point if I find ones I like the look of.

Nordalen, on the other hand, I'm imagining as a bit more like Switzerland or Scandinavia - rather mountainous and independent-minded. The Nordalener flag is a simple vertical tricolor of black, yellow, and blue. The figures I'm using for their infantry are Esci Crimean War Russians. Since I happen to have a rather plentiful supply of these, their role in scenarios may be to give provide one side a significant numerical advantage if needed.

I'm still considering what rules I would like to use for these - a few years back, my dad and I played a couple of games with them using Neil Thomas's One Hour Wargames, which worked well enough but I thought lacked a little flavor. I do plan on expanding this project a bit over the coming months, so if that goes as intended I may have more options available to me. I also had (what seems to me like) a fun idea for a series of games - a sort of "Famous Battle Charades" where I would set up various well-known battles using the various Proxian armies and see if the players could guess what they were re-fighting. We'll see if I get around to that at some point...