Monday, June 11, 2012

A couple of quick games

Dad was of a mind to play a game or two this evening, so we hauled out some of the 20mm figures for a couple of rounds of Hordes of the Things, featuring a couple of my armies and some of the Punic War figures press-ganged into providing some opposition.

Dad moves his elephants forward.

The first game saw the Antediluvian army (mostly Spears, backed up by a Magician and a couple of Riders) on the offense up against a more diverse "Carthaginian" force with some elephants as Behemoths and a couple varieties of mercenaries/allied cavalry as Knights and Riders.

View from behind the lines.

The beginning of the battle saw my block of Spears roll forwards against Dad's Spears and Behemoths in the center, while a couple of smaller actions developed on the flanks: my Riders against his Knights and his Riders against one of my Spears and my Magician. Unsurprisingly, my Riders got pushed back and eventually overwhelmed, but with a little luck I was able to take down both his elephants and one of his Riders.

The tide turns.

Unfortunately, I got a bit overconfident, and tried attacking his Spears uphill, which lost me one of the units on the end of my line. Between that and the Knights suddenly appearing in the rear of my line, I was compelled to readjust my position, and the whole battle swung about 90 degrees. I had a brief shot at killing his general, which failed, before his Knights ran down two more of my Spears, evening up the losses. (Some poor rolling on my part there.) Luckily, just as we were preparing to make our last stand, my Magician summoned his reserves and blew away Dad's other Rider, pushing his army over the limit.

The second game saw the Dinotopians (a hit-or-miss combined arms mishmash) against the Romans Volscian Republic (mostly Blades and Spears, with a few Riders and a Knight General). Fortunately I got lucky on my initiative rolls, and was able to get my pterodactyl Flyers behind his lines while my Warbands hit him from the front. My Hero General destroyed his Knight General for a quick victory.

Warbands rush down the hill, supported by a Behemoth and some Flyers.

His Blades repulsed my Warband and now face the Flyers that have come up behind them; my second Warband has plowed through his front rank of Spears.

The Hero gets a bit of aid from his pterodactyl buddies.


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    1. A bunch of ancient types (mostly Macedonians and spare Punic figures) with prehistoric invertebrates painted on their shields. Usually they face off against the Dinotopians. I have a couple of giant Trilobites to paint up as Behemoths for them, but I haven't quite got around to it yet...