Monday, September 10, 2012

Oodles of orcs

Yes, I'm still alive, never fear. Strangely, this whole "being employed" business doesn't seem to me as much time for either painting or blogging as I had before... also, at some point I seem to have crept over the 10,000 views mark!

Anyway, employment not withstanding, I have managed to get a painting desk set up and a certain number of miniatures painted. Lately I've been on an orc binge--the Caesar orcs are a lot of fun to paint, even if I am getting a little tired of some of the poses by this point. Also, with my latest few units I'm almost up to the 24 AP necessary to field a Hordes of the Things army, which was my goal in all of this.

My new painting space.

My other current project, not proceeding very fast.

A stand of Blades or possibly Warband, depending on the situation.


Warband, still lacking some sand and flock.

I also did a flag for one of our NQSYW mercenary contingents when I was home over Labor Day; hopefully Dad will post a picture at some point.

Next weekend is Barrage, our club's annual convention, so I'll be home for that--should be able to get my orcs all based up, while I'm at it. Beyond that, my goal is to get these orcs out of my system by the end of the month; after that maybe I can get some work done on Not Quite The Seven Years' War. (Then again, I hear Orion may be putting out some Byzantine infantry in 20mm soon...)

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  1. Hordes, Wachovian Hussars, much the same really.

    But all looking very pretty or attractively painted at least,