Friday, June 28, 2024

New toys for orc armies

As a little side project, I have been working on new units for some of my old Hordes of the Things armies in order to field them under various aliases for DBA. (Not the first time this has happened!) This time the orcs have been the primary beneficiaries - the last time they got an expansion was a few years ago now when I painted up a shaman for Orctober. Now they are adding a couple of chariots and some goblin... allies? subjects? cannon fodder?

The orcs are from the original Caesar set, with some minor conversion work. The chariots are spares from the HaT "Gallic Chariot with Warrior Queen" set - turns out I didn't really need all those Boudicas, but I've found a variety of uses for the figures over the years.

The goblins are also from Caesar - it took me a while to find any and then I ended up with multiple boxes somehow! Some got painted up as massed Hordes, and a few more got picked out to be skirmishing Psiloi (or perhaps Lurkers for HotT.)

Between all these and the Orcs I already have, I can now field a version of the DBA II/53 Ancient British army - albeit looking a little green rather than blue.

The other army to get a small add-on was my Byzantines. (I'm pretty sure when I was working on them a decade ago I had some notion of fielding them for DBA, but now for the life of me I can't figure out what army list I expected to use.) Anyway, they also got some Psiloi - not particularly historical, but I drafted some good old Airfix Robin Hood archers to fill the gap.

Next step... finally turning my handful of generic medieval troops into a coherent army? We shall see...

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  1. Excellent addition to your Orcs army! You really don't need all those Boudiccas... :D