Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to all!

Well, now that Christmas is here I can show off what I've been up to all month. Our family prides itself on its Christmas cookies, so a good part of December was spent on baking. Here's a tray with all the assorted varieties in their buttery, sugary glory...

I was actually doing a bit more baking last night on Christmas Eve, so while the blackberry tart was in the oven I inveigled William into playing a game of Hordes of the Things. The match-up was my Mongols against his undead, with him on defense. I guess the Khan got tired of these freeloaders not paying their tribute, so he sent a punitive expedition to convince the lich to pay up.

William is unconcerned.

Things were looking pretty bad at first. I lost a couple of Riders to some tactical mistakes and poor rolling, and one of William's Magicians managed to ensorcel my Hero. (Fortunately not my general...) Down 10-0, things were not looking good.

The expeditionary force rides off.

We start to encounter some setbacks.

Hmm. Not looking so good...

It was about time for a Christmas miracle and lo! one appeared. One of my yakatheriums plunged through a gap in William's lines, evaded his archers and crashed straight into his stronghold. With only one shot at victory before his Hordes closed in, I rolled a six and he rolled a one! 


And by that point, the tart was done, and I could go to bed.

In the morning we got up, ate some French toast, and opened some presents. I didn't end up with too much in the miniatures line, though I expect a few dollars of my Christmas money will go towards a box of Zvezda's Golden Horde to add some heavy cavalry to the Mongols...

Anyway, I finally got a chance to present Dad with the results of my secret painting project: character figures of Alleyne Edricsson and Sir Nigel Loring from The White Company, a favorite of his. I'm sure they'll see some action with the rest of his 54mm Hundred Years' War project...

Both Accurate figures. Alleyne, on the left, has had a head swap.

And now it's just about time to head off to Christmas dinner...

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