Thursday, June 14, 2012

An auspicious occasion & a mechanical crustacean

Well, first of all, the latest from my painting bench--inspired by my recent games, I finally hauled out one of the mysterious plaster trilobites I picked up at Cold Wars this year and got it painted up as a Behemoth for the Antediluvian army. The metallic paint scheme suggests that it is some sort of construct, powered by some combination of ingenious clockwork, the mystic arts of the now-submerged Antediluvian homeland, and the distilled essence of rock oil. In any case, it should add a bit of flexibility to the Antediluvian army list.

Top view

Side view

Alongside some other Antediluvian units.

Secondly, today, June 14th, marks the one-year anniversary of this blog, so to mark the occasion I figured I would share a few tidbits of information drawn from the handy pile of data collected and made available to me by Google.

As of the time of writing, this blog has garnered 7,350 pageviews, and this post will be #52--an average of one per week. The top five referring sites are,,,, and The vast majority of viewers are in the United States with 4,010 out of 7,350, followed by the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Italy, and Australia. Historicon 2011 is currently the individual post with the most views, (many of which seem to come from people searching for some variation on "duel disk") while Digging in currently has the least.

However, what I tend to find most interesting are the Google search terms. The most frequent of these is, unsurprisingly, "," but it is currently being trailed by "hyborian age map" and "polish winged hussars orion." At least in the latter case, I can be pretty sure that whoever it was found what they were looking for. (On the other hand, three people have come here in the past month via a search for "planet asses." I fear they may have been sorely disappointed.)

So, to everyone who has dropped by at some point--thank you for visiting, and I hope that you found something of interest, if not necessarily what you were looking for! With any luck, I will be in a position to mark this anniversary again next year, by which time I will no doubt have painted numerous figures and played numerous games, and recorded the results here on this blog.


  1. Nice work. A bit creepy (the big bug thing, that is), but very nicely done.

  2. Congratulations on the year. Hopefully the people looking for planet asses weren;t disappointed.

    Nice bug btw, my anti-virus program is watching it carefully.