Thursday, June 30, 2011

Digging in

Work on the fortress is still proceeding, and Dad hopes to start playtesting this weekend. Hopefully we will have the gatehouse painted and assembled by then, as it has been the major sticking point. However, today I finally got around to putting paint on some of the battery emplacements we built last weekend.

These started with a base of luan, to which we attached some roughly rectangular strips of scrap foam. Then these were cut into a more sloped shape, as seen here.

I filled in the cracks with spackle, and Dad cut some slots in the front for the cannon barrels.

Here are the painted batteries laid out to dry. The paint was given some texture by mixing in sand; the next step will be to drybrush with a lighter shade to match our existing trench sections.

(And if anyone read the title and expected this to be about food, here's a picture of some blueberry corn muffins.)

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